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 mast bhabhi

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PostSubject: mast bhabhi   Fri May 29, 2009 11:43 am

m 25 yrs old.i ma married man. l live with my wife my elder brother and a bhabhi. my brother is working for a company 100km from our city. so he used to come home only on sundays.
my wife neha and my bhabhi r very good to each other and live like sisters.one day we were busy in our sexual games as usual and the window of our room was a little open. my bhabhi went for bathroom and she saw me fucking neha. she was stunned to see my 8 inches pennis.
the very next morning she called for neha from her room since she knew that neha was preparing my breakfast and she will send me.
Neha asked to look in to what bhabhi wanted and as i went to her
room she was wearing her and blouse and wanted neha to hook the blouse.her back was towards the door so she did not see me and after hearing a noise she said neha please hook my blouse.
i was excited at seeing bhabhi's naked back. i went towards her and as she turned she acted as she was shocked to see me and in this feeling she intentionally left her blouse and the blouse went down and she was now in her bra only. i really could not control my self and kissed her. she did not resist. my courage grew and started pressing her boobs but soon i had to go as neha was coming.
in the evening bhabhi asked me to take both of us to movie which neha also supported and we all went to movie. bhabhi had taken a shawl with her as it was a little cold in the evening. we went to the theatre on my motorcycle.
i took three tickets of a corner.the hall was full. as we looking for seats bhabhi intentionally sat in between me and neha which neha did not bothered . the movie started and bhabhi put wrapped shawl on her pretending as she was feeling cold.
soon i put my hand in her shawl and started pressing her boobs. she acted to look normal from her face but she enjoying her self .
after the movie was over we came out. neha asked to purchase some medicine as she having headache. i went to the chemist and asked for a tablet that could make her sleep . as we went home neha took the tablet and went to bed . soon she was in dark sleep. i went to bhabhi's room. she was watching tv. she was shocked to see me and asked about neha. i told her that she is fast asleep. but she went to my room to check her.
as she came back she was very convinced. i hold her in my arms. i started pressing her boobs with one hand and kissing her lips simultaneously. she was screaming with joy.meanwhile i took her saree off. she was now in only blouse and panty. i pushed my hand into her panty. she was kissing me wildly. i brought my mouth near her pussy started sucking her pussy. she was moaning loudly.i put my tongue in her pussy. she started shouting **** me **** me
after 5 min of sucking she put all her cum in my mouth.
now she was ready for fucking . she put my trousers off. my pennis was roaring like snake . she took hold of it and started sucking it. i was all out. i made her lean on the bed and kept 2 pillows under her back . now her pussy was wide open facing the roof.
i went up her and put my pennis in her pussy which was very tight in comparison to my pennis. she felt a little pain . but i continued and put my whole shaft in her pussy slowly and started fucking her.
soon she started enjoying and asked me to **** harder.now i increased my speed. she was shouting loudly and asking me **** more harder. after 10 min of fucking we both came together. she was fully satisfied. after that we both enjoy each other whenever we get time.
This is my story if u like it write me at sonu4u4evers@in.com
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mast bhabhi
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