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 neibour woman ke sath sex kiyaa

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PostSubject: neibour woman ke sath sex kiyaa   Thu May 28, 2009 6:45 am

Hi Readers, This is Sanjay. Find below is my first story. Your comments & replies are welcomed at sanjay22296@yahoo.com.I am from South Mumbai.I am 6 in height and medium body (65 kg)and white skin looking good guy.Going to story this happen when i was 16 and now i am 19 i my neibhour a family came on rent basis. In that family a couple were living and a baby boy. she was too sexy in his 24.When i was going out or coming in my house she use to talk to me i didn't take it serious or sexy.One day she came in my house and ask my mom whether your son can help me for some work my mom told me go and help her.So i went with her. i asked what happend she told give me that thing i saw and took a tool stand on that tool and removing that thing which was very inside and difficult to get.While i was taking out i feel some hand is near my penis and saw down . i saw that she has removed my jeans and was fondling my penis which was now erect and 6.5 inc long.I told what r u doing she told "mai pyaar kar rahi hu " i get down from the tool i told this is wrong i dont wanna have sex with u i am small now.she told but ur cock is bigger than my husband please i want to have sex please. So i go near her and mummered in her ears u can she laughed and said thanks and then i kissed her for nearly 10min than i undress her and she give me a good blow job for 15-20 min than she told dear please meri chatoo i get my mouth in his pussy i was doind it for 25-30min she was moaning very loudly like aaaaaahhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaeeeeeeee aur jor sai she came and i took her liquid in my mouth than i told can i fuck u she told that all is urs but please don't cum inside then i place my tip of my penis near her pussy. she told jaldi karo naa i give one stoke and my half penis was in she scremed sllllllowwwwwwww pleeeeeeeeaseeeeeeee and after some time i gave second stroke and my penis was completely in and i than fuck her for 20-25 min and she moaning like any thing aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh aur joor saiiiii auurrrrrrrrrrrrr and than i cummed on her stomach and went to my house and after i fucked her 5-10 times than she went away from there. So last 2-3 years i have not had sex with any one. Those who are interested like woman between (18-30 yrs) can mail me on sanjay22296@yahoo.com.please let meknow quickly
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neibour woman ke sath sex kiyaa
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