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 My Raj II.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,

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PostSubject: My Raj II.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,   Fri May 29, 2009 12:25 pm

am thankful to esteemed readers of ISS of my first narration on MY Raj.

I am continuing how it developed further in this narrative.

Life continued like that for all of us, and I joined the University for my Masters degree encouraged by ‘Uncle’.

Life could never have been better or kinder for all of us. Then disaster struck. Ammi was diagnosed having cancer of the stomach and she didn’t survive for a few months after that. ‘Uncle’ was shattered and went into a massive depression. I made him go away to Visakhapatnam where he hails from, and spend some time in that lovely sea-kissed pristine ocean city and be with his brother. But he was back within a few weeks, though the change seemed to have done him good. He had shed some weight, and had grayed at the temples, making him look dapper. Oh! How I longed for him.

That night after dinner, and after he had taken his bath, we were sitting on swing in the balcony, ‘Uncle’ sipping his rum, when I asked him if we could get together. “What do you have in mind Sweetheart?” He queried. “I want you and want to sleep with you. And I yearn for you and your touch” I replied. The next act took me by surprise. He kept his glass down and took me in his arms and held me tight. Kissing me all over my face, he said, “I wanted to ask you myself, but was hesitant. I need you and need you more than ever.” Saying this, he stood up and swept me off into his powerful arms, and took me into his lovely bedroom. My hands were around his neck and my lips locked onto his mouth, and my tongue darting in and playing with his tongue.

As he put me back on my feet, I went into the bathroom to clean myself up, knowing that once more, this will be a no-holds barred love making session. He was pent up; so was I. I came out in five minutes, just in my bra and panty and looking at me, he smiled. “As always, as lovely as a red rose” he said and took me back into his arms and started kissing me, gently at first, and then with vigor, thrusting his tongue deep into my mouth and sucking my tongue. I loved what he was doing and even then I was leaking down. And without any pretense, I called him ‘My Raj’ He liked it and his kissing intensified for some more time. And then, we gently broke away, while he started moving towards his large luxurious bed. “Raj. Now, this time, I am going to take charge. You lie down and allow me to make love to you” I said unashamedly. “I am all yours. In fact I am your slave, and a willing slave Yogitha” he responded.

And so, this time, I led him to his bed. He was in his usual garb of a T Shirt and his white dhoti. I removed his T shirt and pulled away his dhoti. He was now just in his briefest of briefs, and his manhood was already upright, giving me a sense of achievement. I asked him to lie prone on his back. And then in long, tantalizing movements, swirling my hips, and shaking my breasts, I took my hands back to my bra clasp and undid them, without removing it from my body. My breasts were large for the bra, and this made Raj go crazy seeing me shake them. “Yogitha! Don’t tease me darling. I am going mad looking at you doing what you are doing.” Smiling all the way, I came up to his bed and again with slow movements removed one cup after another from my breasts that made him even wilder. All this time I was enjoying myself, seeing what I could do him!

A stage came when he could no longer control himself. With a spring that surprised me, he came out of the bed and caught hold of me. The next thing that he did was to pluck away my brassieres and throw them away. And then I was crushed in his arms. Now, the only thing between us was his brief and my panty. While he pulled mine away, I did his and now we were both as the day we were born, except for our throbbing sex.

My mouth was on Raj’s nipple, teasing it with my teeth, while my hand took his warm manhood, and felt so deeply content holding it. “Master! What control you have on me. Even taking it in my hand makes me feels a woman” I said. He was kissing my head and his hand was teasing my nipple. “Come. Let us get to bed” he said.

But again, I took the lead and laid him on his bed and gasped seeing his erect manhood in all its glory, up in the air, throbbing away. For me, it was a glorious sight, and I felt great that I could do this to him.
I lay next to him, and my hand was all over his chest, while my mouth was sucking on his, and the other hand was coaxing his erection. His one hand was over my hair in a combing action, while the other was on my breast, squeezing it, while his fingers were teasing away my nipple. I was in seventh heaven and what he was doing made me breathe heavy.

As my breathing intensified, our kissing also did and it was most delicious, with both our eyes half closed in ecstasy. “My Raj. My Raj. I truly love you master. I will never leave you” I whispered and broke off. “What happened? Already fed up? He asked. “No. Now my action starts. You will continue to lie down, and I will work on you the way I think love making ought to be done which I have been dreaming about.” And I got off and knelt beside him on the floor. I took his shaft in my right hand and gently pulled his foreskin back. And then brought it forward. I did this in a slow cycle. My left hand was on his nipple teasing it. I could suddenly feel his manhood expanding in my hand. And felt its warmth. I slid back to the bed and while I continued what I was doing with his prick, I started nibbling him his nipple. “Yogitha!” He whispered. “I love you darling. How well you seem to know how to console me my love.” All the while rustling away my hair.

His smell felt wonderful and it made me get wet. I returned to his mouth and he pulled my face down to his and we went a wild sloshing, kissing spree lasting almost an eternity.

We came away for a breather and as I looked down, his prick was in full erection and for me it was too tempting. I went down and taking it in my hand, pulled the foreskin away, revealing the reddish pink bullet shaped head. I breathed on it and bent down and flicked my tongue a few times over it. And then it was too much for me to see it exposed without any tributes being paid to something as lovely and as masterly as what was right in front of my eyes. And I bent down and took him in my mouth. Oh! How lovely it was. It was without any bad smell, and in fact it emanated a fresh smell. My mouth was hot and my saliva has moistened the shaft and I started slowly sucking on it. It was just delightful. A few minutes of my act, and he was bucking up like a horse. Taking hold of my tresses he shouted, “Yogitha! You are wonderful darling. I want you all for myself.

Lovely Yogitha! How you have ensnared me. I love you always.” And his hand went down between my thighs. I opened it for him and he found me willing and wet lips, which he started teasing. He finger was going in a circular motion over my cunt lips, gently at first and then gradually increasing the speed, but without hurting me. He was that considerate. My Darling Raj. And then at his beckoning I straddled him, my thighs asunder my throbbing cunt near his mouth. He drew me close to his face and deftly lifted me up and put me down on his face, in such manner my pussy was right on his mouth. And then, what a licking and sucking he did. Oh my God. I flooded his mouth every few minutes, and each time I said “Sorry”.

But he was oblivious to anything, as he was totally engrossed in his act, taking me to heights that no woman must have ever achieved. That was the strength of his tongue and then he inserted his tongue right in to my vagina and flicked it inside for a few minutes and started tongue fucking me. His hands were now squeezing my breast, with my nipples between his fingers, and I was moaning away his name, which seemed to intensify what he was doing. I rewarded him with another flush of my juices and he never seemed to mind in lapping it away. Like this, we were in total bliss, savoring every moment with each other, on our arms.

‘Uncle’ then pulled me to him and again started kissing me, most tenderly, with his soft, wet lips. I responded too, with my hot wet mouth. His hands once more traveled down, teasing me here and there, till he reached the valley between my thighs. I spread out for him with a smile. He inserted his index finger and started probing me inside, and then started finger fucking me gently and slowly. I was breathing hot and heavy and my lips locked onto his with my tongue deep in his mouth, while he started sucking on it. My eyes were closed in total pleasure and my hands were around him. And then he put his other finger in and with two of them he continued to do what he was doing. My juices were pouring out, making his finger move in a smooth roll all over within. And then he found what a woman wants to feel from a man. My ‘G’ spot. And he started massaging it most slowly and gently, and when I opened my eyes and looked into his face, his eyes were closed in total happiness. “My Raja. You are my master. Do you know that? I will never leave you and will be yours for ever. I truly love you my lord.” And as I said this, I once again squirted more of my juices onto his fingers, and cried out, “Enough. I can’t bear it any more. Come. Take me. I am throbbing all over for you. Come Raja. **** this slave of yours and fill her up.”

Raj came out and looking at me, took both those fingers into his mouth and lovingly put them in. “It is delicious” he said. I blushed. “Why don’t you straddle me and take me? You desired it at the very beginning” he asked. I didn’t and a further invitation. Making him prone, I moved onto him, and like mounting a horse, I mounted him. His hands were on my breast, squeezing them gently, my nipples between his fingers, rubbing them between them. I positioned myself directly below his throbbing mast and gently lowered myself onto it. Oh! How smooth and velvety was the slide in! It was like a knife going into hot butter and slowly and very slowly, and gently I swallowed him completely and started my gallop ride on him. Very slowly at first. I didn’t want to be hurt. But it was not like that at all and even the first ride up and down was so smooth, filling me up that I started increasing my speed in stages and then came to a stage when I was riding high and heavy on him. I never knew sex could be so filling and so lovely. I was a complete woman now. And I was calling out to him repeatedly, off and on stooping down to kiss him with my wet mouth. His hands continued to tease my nipples and squeeze my breast and he too was calling away my name.

Our love making reached a peak and our souls beat in unison, calling out to each other in most endearing terms. And as it reached a crescendo, my vaginal muscles went into a contraction, while he too stiffened which was Nature’s way of saying that our union at that time was coming to an end.
And then he spurted, hot lava like inside me. Squirt after squirt after squirt of his hot semen, while I also discharged my love fluid drenching him within. And then the sound of our intense love making sounded like thunder claps and finally there was total quiet.

We were sweating. He eventually got off me, but refused to leave. We were in each other’s embrace for a long, long time, unaware of the fleeting time.

My Raj was ‘doodling’ on my body, delicately with his nails. “What do you want to do after your M.A?” He asked. “What else? I want to appear for IAS” I responded. “Then I have something better to propose. I am finalizing a buy of fifty avers of land in Nasik here I plan to grow grapes and start producing wine. Why don’t you handle it and administer it” he said “Why not. For you, there is nothing that I will not do” I said, planting my kiss on his lips for that moment.

My life with Raj was made.
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My Raj II.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,
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