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 I love to **** my mom part 8 final

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Some One Special
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PostSubject: I love to **** my mom part 8 final   Fri May 29, 2009 12:20 pm

Now she started her motion to one another orgasm. She took a position on her knee and rested her hand on my shoulder and started moving up and down. She started first slowly, I felt that my dick was coming out and in of her womb, my dick head was striking each time and dick get feeling of shivering. Her slow pace of my fucking my dick started fast and became more violent, she was taking her cunt fully out of my dick and again penetrate it again. She was doing so fast and violently and screaming in joy, she kept continues doing this for another half an hour. I was pampering her big boobs which were swaying here and there while she was jumping on my cock. She was continuously screaming oh my son I can not control myself, what I do. I hold my mom tightly and told, mom please slow down I shall about to come. She was screaming no my son don’t come, I want your dick juice in my mouth.

I pinched on her big butt, what kind of mom you are that you want your son to come in your mouth. Her cunt was slippery and wet with her cunt juice that my cock was not getting any friction except striking with its womb mouth. She told me I want to sit like this for some time, we sat for while and started playing with nipple of each other. My mom started to lick my nipple, I felt its very nice. Then I proposed my mom that I want to **** her ass hole. She caressed me, how lovely son you are that you don’t left any hole of mom without fucking. She slowly took out her cunt out of my dick and again started to lick my dick, I told what you are doing mom, I want to **** you in ass. She told yes my son but I want to taste some hot juice of my cunt in which your dick was covered. How sweet it is I like to have full glass of cunt juice to drink. Oh no mom how much you sluttish, nobody can think like you.

I told her to lay down on floor on her chest and back upside. I told her you bent your knee, so that your butt come up in air and ass gets open. She was clever in doing all this. I was seeing that my mom’s butt were fully swayed and ass hole is clearly seen. It was totally clean shaved ass hole. I started kissing around her ass hole. I put my finger inside her cunt to get juice to pour in her ass hole. She was screaming during whole this time you ass fucker, come and **** my ass. I inserted my finger and tried to loosen her ass hole. I kept on doing for another 15 minutes to loosen her ass hole so, that my dick can enter inside. Still, it was opened up fully, I gave idea to my mom, why don’t you bring your dildo, so that I can open up your ass hole. She told that is fantastic idea she went in her bed room and came again with 12 inch long thick dildo, again my mom laid down in same position. First I kissed my mom’s dildo, because I like that dildo who satisfied my dear mom’s long dick obsession many a time.

I covered it with my spit and sliva and tried slowly in her as hole. Initially she got pain and screamed out my son it is paining me. I waited for time still main subside. Then I pushed it slowly right up to her bowel and started moving slowly ups and down, Now she started enjoying it. After five minute she was screaming do it fast my son take out it right up to ass hole and **** it again. Ohh mom, how mom how wonderful **** machine you are. I love you and kissed on her ass hole. She was now ready take my dick inside her ass. I asked her change position little and make it to doggy style. She opened her ass hole fully keeping her legs apart and bending knee on the floor. I inserted my dick inside her ass hole. It is so much loose after half an hour dildo fucking. As soon as my dick entered her ass hole, I felt like heaven, her ass hole was so tight, my dick was enjoying to find its way inside her ass. After giving her complete penetration of my dick in her ass, I started rock my dick in and out hold her from her waist. My balls were striking on her wonderful butts.

I fucked my mom’s ass hole this way for another half an hour. My mom was screaming ohhhhhhhhhh my dear son I like it keep fucking, you are fucking in ass and I feel vibration in my cunt. Her cunt was dripping on floor. I told mom, ohhhhhhh mom, I feel it great and now I got tired and about to come. My said know you have to **** me still in my cunt. Again she made horse riding position and enjoyed for one another hour. I came to know that my mom like most horse riding position. She was coming again and again while she is in horse riding position. I told her mom I about to come now, I can not hold it further. She took out her cunt out of my dick and started sucking my cock. Within another five minute I shot load of my come on face and tit of my mom.

She opened her mouth to catch each drop of my come in her mouth and swallowing it. She again took my dick in her mouth and sucked it completely drained out and dried. There were some drops of my come on my tits, she told me hey noughty boy why don’t you taste your own come, it is too tasty. Ohhhhh no mom how you slut mom. I leaned and started licking my own come from her face and tits. I had been fucking my mom since last three years and it was almost 7 o’clock and my dad was about to come at home. My mom and me went together in bathroom and we played there for another half an hour.

I asked my mom have you any thought of remorse. She told Not at all my son. I am slut whore and enjoyed with many young and old man in my all fucking hole. I have remorse for that why we shall not started early. You have given me heavenly pleasure of my cunt sucking. No man, till date have sucked my cunt like you did it today. My whole body was on fire and I felt shock of 440 volt, my whole body was shivering in ecstasy fun. I love you my son, you keep sucking my cunt all the time.

OK mom, I love you, I will do all that you want from me. I am your obedient son and slave.

My mom wants to give some message to all story reader. She is writing something for you.

Hello, my dear reader, you might have enjoyed reading story. I love you all people, I want to see this story become in category of frequently read story. I request you people to rate as high as you can. I want to give message to all young son like my son, if they also have mom beautiful and lusty like me and they dream to **** their mom, then get courage and inspiration from my son to break all rule and start fucking to your mom. If you can do that then give us feedback, we at least get satisfaction of worth writing and sharing experience. I also request to all lusty mom, come on have courage to **** your son, it is heavenly experience. Keep writing us about, how you felt about our real life story. Love to all readers.
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I love to **** my mom part 8 final
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