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 I love to **** my mom part 7

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Some One Special
Some One Special

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PostSubject: I love to **** my mom part 7   Fri May 29, 2009 12:19 pm

She told I like that stand here with keeping my one leg on chair keeping my leg apart to open up my cunt fully, so that you can enjoy juice of my cunt, which can directly drip in your mouth. OK mom, I slipped her micro bikini to open up her cunt completely. Ohhhhhh no mom, how beautiful your cunt is, it is pierced pussy in its clit and pussy lips. She wears three beautiful rings in her pussy. It was cleaned shaved pussy except some landing strip of black hair on its pussy lips. It was giving magnificent look to my mom’s pussy. Mom you are just great slut, how you decorated your cunt to please your customer. Yes, my son but now onwards I will decorate it for you. Please, don’t talk just eat away my pussy, I can’t wait further.

I started licking, but same time asked her when she got pierced her cunt. How was she feeling somebody else was playing with her cunt to pierce it. She screamed, my dear son you start sucking my cunt, I shall tell you my entire story of piercing later on. You become my fucking partner, keep trust I share all my **** and piercing story. I started moving my tongue on her cunt. Her pussy lips were already swollen, her clit was completely erected. I caught ring of her pussy lips and gave some pull, she screamed Ohhhhhhhhh my son what are doing. Keep doing I like that. By pulling ring her pussy lips are completely opened and I started rubbing my tongue on it, she started screaming and groaning, I saw that her legs were shivering and enjoying my cunt licking. She screamed out yes my dear son do it I am coming and feeling that my cunt has spasm of ecstasy. Her cunt was started oozing, I started licking and swallowing her cunt juice. I was feeling great to swallow her cunt juice. She screamed, my dear son please feel me one another such orgasm.

It is true nobody had given me such heavenly experience of cunt sucking not your dad too. You are known that what your slut mom wants from you. I made my position firm in between her legs. Now I targeted her clit, I took ring of clit which was hanging in her pierce clit in my mouth and sucked it deep inside so that her clit come in between my teeth. I started biting her clit, again she got orgasm I feel motion of her cunt muscles which were in state of spasm. Her legs were shivering with Joy, her whole body started shivering in state of ecstasy. She just screaming and groaning, Yes my son keep doing it. I like it you eat away my cunt, I am about to come. Her pussy was like fountain and every now and then squirting sweet cunt juice which I was swallowing. I kept nibbling her clit for half an hour next, I pushed my one fingure inside her cunt. She loosen her grip from my head, so I was thinking that now she is going to release me. She proposed me, my son I want your dick in my cunt now.

Ohhhh no my mom how sweet it is, I was eager to hear from you since last many days. Yes, my horny slut whore mom, I will **** you hard till your cunt get satisfied. Hearing this from me she wrapped herself around me and started kissing all over my body./ She started to suck my coke again, She was enjoying pre-cum of my dick. She sucked it while then remembered her mom you want my dick in your cunt. Please, relieve it from your mouth, so that it can enter in your cunt. My mom said yes my son, let us **** me hard with 10 inch long dick. I asked my mom in which position you want to get fucked. She told want to be fucked in horse riding position. She told me sit on sofa, she laid her legs apart and leaned her pussy on my crotch area bending her knee. I started sucking her big tits in my mouth and started sucking it. She told me wait my son, it is for you only, let me adjust your dick in my cunt. She leaned and bent her knee more.

I was seeing her beautiful adorned with three ring in pierced cunt. Three ring were swaying here and there, it was looking great. She caught my dick and touched my dick’s glistening head at her cunt, She started round motion keeping my dick there only, my dick head was enjoying to move around my mom’s cunt lips. She was still dripping from her cunt. My dick head was now taking bath of my mom’s cunt juice. Then she suddenly jerked inside by leaning and bending her knee more. My half of the dick was inside of my mom’s cunt. It was feeling warmness of her cunt wall. Slowly she moved ahead by leaning and bending her knee. Now 8 inch of my dick went inside. I felt that some thing was striking on head of my dick. I asked my mom, mom what it is. She told my dear son it is mouth of womb, from where you came out. Your dick is now going to enter where you stayed for nine months. Ohhhhhhhhh no, mom I feel it great experience, can I go again today, Yes my son and she jerked with force, she screamed with little pain. Finally, my dick entered up to her womb.

She started moaning and grinning, how nice experience it is, I enjoy it, I never enjoyed such big dick in my whole life. You just changed my life my son. She said now, your dick is set you can play with my tit. She completely rested on my crotch, having complete penetration of my dick inside her cunt. I was licking her tit, erected nipple, it was so big I forced both boobs together and sucked her both nipple same time. When I was sucking nipple, one idea had come in my mind, I told my mom, why don’t you get pierce your nipple too. Oh my son, I like that you want to have pierced nipple your mom. I will get it done, I bear that pain of piercing for my son. Please keep sucking my tits. Her cunt was still shivering and dripping, I collected some cunt juice in my hand and licked it. She started to bite me, you naughty son you like your mom’s cunt juice. I told her yes mom I like it.
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I love to **** my mom part 7
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