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 I love to **** my mom part 6

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Some One Special
Some One Special

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PostSubject: I love to **** my mom part 6   Fri May 29, 2009 12:18 pm

Dad said again they like sexy dance in your most erotic dress and drink, so that make that arrangement also.

Mom said OK, I shall try to feel them like heaven. Don’t worry, but what to do with your son.

Dad said give him some money and ask him to go for seeing movie in theater.

Mom said he will not go outside home, that is 100 % sure.

Dad said OK then give some sleeping pills in lunch, I try to send customer by 2 o’clock.

Mom said OK.

I was shocked that mom is one prostitute and my dad is her agent. But doesn’t matter now, I thought, it is now easy to me trap my mom to surrender her pussy to me for fucking.

Mom had mad lunch ready by 12 o’clock and asked me for lunch. I told her give me lunch in my bed room, I want to eat it here. She insisted so much to have it with her on dining table but I refused. She surprised that I never left chance to see her, she came in bed room with bust open without dupatta and tried to give temptation, but I was firm. I don’t want to eat lunch, because there is sleeping pills and don’t want to miss chance of seeing my mom in threesome action. She gave lunch in my bed room, I closed the door and acted like that I ate it. I collected whole thing in one plastic bags to throw. I did a fast that day to see my horny mom in threesome action with her customers.

I gave back plate to mom. She was under impression that I ate it. I then go to bed and slept. I started to act snoring, so that my mom understand that her sleeping pills are working. She closed my bed room door. There was silent for a while, I was thinking my mom may be in her bed room and being ready to offer herself beautifully. Yes it was true, I peeped up through my bed room door key hole, she did a fantastic make up wear stocking and very short lingeri of black color. Lingeri was transperant and her micro bikini of red color was seeing through it. I was amazing that my mom is so sexy. She made call to dad and saying when my customers are coming, I am eagerly waiting for them. Since long many times I had not threesome action, I want to enjoy this today.

I becoming more and lustful to my mom hearing this that my Mom like to have threesome and foursome fucking action.

At around 2 o’clock two guy had come and sat in living room. My mom had given big hug and mouth kiss to both of them. She served her drink and then started light sexy music. She started to dance on our living floor. Ohhhhhhhh no, my slut mom how sexily you are dancing. I felt great that my mom is so sexy and horny. Both guy and stood up and started licking and kissing every part of my mom’s sexy and beautiful and lustful body. This was continued for around two hour long, during this two hour that both guy got naked, my mom playing sucking and kissing to their dick during dancing. Both guy had very small dick, I know my mom shall be not satisfied with small cock. My brain was flourishing and saying, John today 110 % sure, you will **** your mom.

I seeing through key hole that my mom is now mostly naked except her micro-micro and transparent bikini. It was hardly covering her tits and cunt. She started to give blowjob to both this guy, but from her face I was knowing that she was not satisfied as their dick were very small. Both that guy ejected their cum within no time. She was depressed that those people have not fucked hard. She started dancing again, so that again their dick got hard and she can enjoy more fucking session. By the time one guy of that had a call and they said, we have to move on for one important meeting. They kissed her and said you are so sexy and beautiful, we shall come again. After going, mom had slammed main door and abused my dad that what kind of customer, he is sending who doesn’t know how to **** slut like my mom.

She dialed a phone to my dad and said what kind of customer you are sending. I had tempo today to have joy of threesome action, they did not even inserted in my cunt. They might be having fear of aids. Don’t send such sluggish customer and banged phone. She was in micro bikini only. She went in her bed room and brought dildo and video of my masturbation. She started video and opened her leg so wide, she started to jack 12 inch long dildo seeing porn movie of her own son. I thought this is the time when I can go and **** my mom. I collected daring and opened my bed room door slowly. She had not locked from outside as she was under impression I am in deep sleep. I went very slowly and stood to her back for while. She was so engrossed in jacking her cunt with 12 inch long dildo and seeing her son’s masturbation on screen.

I had seen that her cunt was dripping like anything. I came upto here but I was thinking, how mom will react, hence I was hesitating. I have seen that now mom has closed her eye now. I took a benefit of this situation, I know that mom loves her cunt sucking and second thing is big cock. I went in front of her slowly, so she do not feel somebody is there, intending to suck her cunt. Now I am in front of her and seeing her wide open legs with sexy thigh covered in black stocking. His hand was fully covered on her cunt and moving dildo in round motion in her cunt and enjoying length of dildo. She opened her eye and surprised that I was standing naked with 10 inch erected dick in front of her face. She stood up immediately went away in her bed room.

I frustrated, what happened to mom. She is so lustful about me then why did not offer herself me for fucking. I went to her bed room and asked mom, open the door, I want to talk you. She didn’t reply, my mind was furious today to **** my mom.

I started saying talking with my mom standing outside her bed room. Mom I know that you are very big slut and whore. Your business is to get fucked by different people and earn money. You got fucked with many of the people, than what is wrong in getting fucked by me by my 10 inch hard rocking cock. I know you like it, just before you were fanaticizing about me seeing my video of masturbating. I swear I will **** you like that you forget about all your previous experience. I urging, please come out I want to **** you.

My request had worked and my mom came out of her bed room. Ohhhhhhhhhh no, how sweet beautiful son you are, you know that what your mom wants. Yes, since last one month I am fantasizing about you only, but don’t dare to break the rules. You are more daring man and courageous man then me. I like to get fucked with your hard and rocking dick. Yes I like it, I was craving for this one since long. She leaned back and started kissing and sucking my dick. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Mom, I can’t explain you how heavenly I am feeling seeing my dick in your mouth. My mom said me too. I like to suck your cock. I was screaming ohhhhh mom how nicely sucking my cock. You slut big cock sucker. I hold her head around my crotch. She took my cock almost up to her through. She was swirling her tongue around my dick. I was feeling great and keep on screaming yes mom, do it I like it, I was waiting for this since long. Keep licking don’t stop, I know you love my big dick, you eat away my dick.

You squeeze out it. My dick was eager to enter your all **** hole since last many days. When you will take such big dick in your cunt and ass. My mom was getting more and more excitement hearing all these from me. She told I want to get fucked with your dick in my all **** hole, my cunt and ass hole are waiting for your cunt and sobbing right now. Ohnnnnnnn mom, how you are sexily urging for ****. You are not my mom, you are my **** machine, I want to **** you day and night and in your fucking hole today. She gave me 15 minutes blow job right in front of her bed room. Oh Mom, please allow me do something for you. I lift her in my hand and took her in living room. She told me, I like you to suck my cunt and taste your mom’s cunt juice. I tasted your cum many time you were spreading cum in your bed sheet. Yes, mom I eager to eat away your pussy. I asked my mom which is your favorite position, I want to do all thing which you like most mom.
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I love to **** my mom part 6
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