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 I love to **** my mom part 5

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Some One Special
Some One Special

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PostSubject: I love to **** my mom part 5   Fri May 29, 2009 12:18 pm

was thinking how can I reach up to my mom’s cunt. That day I and mom were alone at home. I was not leaving any chance of teasing her with my lustful eye. She became more cautious and now take care that any part of her body does not expose. This is what kind of women, she like my dick she enjoyed taste of my cum but not offering to ****. After our lunch, I went to my bed room, today I became more courageous, I know my mom is very curious about me. I kept my bed room slightly open. I wear only shorts during whole day, so that my mom can see my chest muscles, I intently not wear my under wear so that my erected dick can give good visible tent house. I made two time that kind of my tent till noon, my mom was noticing that but she was ignoring. I tried now further more, I went in my bed room and slipped my shorts, now I was totally naked.

I started stroking my hard and thick prick as it was already erected. I started making some little noise so that my mom can heard that something is going on in my bed room. My idea has worked, she stood up keeping TV on so that I feel that Mom watching TV. I kept my eyes close, I was knowing that mom shall peep inside of my bed room, that came true, I had seen that she was standing beside the door, I closed my eyes and started stroking my 10 inch long dick. I opened my eye slightly pretending that it is close to ensure that mom is there or not, but mom was not there, I depressed again. But my depression was not lasted for a moment; I noticed that mom came with her video recorder. I jolted with joy that my mom is shooting me masturbating. I kept my eye closed and started jerking off my dick with moaning and groaning. I elongated period of ejaculation by holding my balls tightly, because I want my mom can shoot me more time. It was half an hour that I was masturbating; I also took out her my mom’s micro bikini, so that my mom can come to know that how much I was passionate about her and her inner ware. My dick started pushing out its all load and spreading on the bed sheet. I like that, because my mom is licking it. My mom likes cum.

She went with her camera; I ensured that now she is in bed room. I went up to her bed room and peeped inside through key hole. She was completely bare except black micro bikini. It was like the same micro bikini in different color of black. She started Video, which she recorded just before, I watch the screen of her bed room TV, I was lying on bed and jerking my cock. She started fucking her cunt with fingure with keeping her micro bikini on. She started screaming, oh my little son how sexy you are, how your dick is long and thick, but I can’t enjoy it as you are my son. Forgive me my dear son I can not offer myself to you for fucking. You keep fantasies about me, if required than take out more bikinis from my ward rob, I know you like my sexy bikini, and stolen my micro bikini. I like that I shall give you more bikini. She took one big dildo which was around 12 inch long and started jacking inside her cunt, I was seeing her cunt was dripping like any thing. She kept on jacking until she got no. Of orgasm. She kept fucking with dildo and seeing my video repeatedly almost about two hours. She was collecting her cunt juice with her hand and licking it.

I understood, mom also feels lust to me like me but she can not break her mental block to **** her own son. I started thinking on how to break her mental bock, that nothing wrong in getting fucked by your own son. I thought days by days but I could not get any idea. My mom was enjoying my video of masturbating all the time and I was enjoying her micro bikini kissing.

One day again, me and my mom were at home. At 10 o’clock in the morning, there was phone call while I was in bed room. I am having parallel line in my bed room also. I picked up the phone, but at the same time my mom also picked up the phone. It was call of dad. They started talking.

Hi, Jacky, why called me up.

Yes, dear honey, I love you.

Tell me why you called, my mom asked.

My dad said there is one customer from abroad, they are very rich. I fixed up contract for one fucking session with you in one lac Rs.

I jumped and surprised that I mom is big slut, my cock started throbbing, because now I am sure that I will **** my mom within short time.

Mom said where I have to go for this fucking session.

He said there is little problem, they wants it at our home, they don’t want to take risk in hotel.

My mom exclaimed, how it is possible John(me) is at home, now he is enough mature to understand all this, if it would happen at home.

Dad said no Jacci, you have to find way out, I know you can do that these are very big customer we can get lacs of business from him if you delight them with your magical fucking hole.

Mom said don’t talk nasty and grinned.

Dad said they are two person and want to **** you in threesome action.

Mom said I do not afraid of about threesome or gangbang I like that.

Ohhhhhhhhhh no, Mom how much you sluttish and horny whore. I love you mom, I was thinking in my mind, my way to reach to mom’s cunt was very near now.
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I love to **** my mom part 5
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