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 I love to **** my mom part 4

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Some One Special
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PostSubject: I love to **** my mom part 4   Fri May 29, 2009 12:17 pm

She told my father, I know Jacky you always ejaculate very fast, I am not still satisfied. My dad told sorry honey, but what I can do you were licking my dick so nicely, I could not hold it. She told OK, Jacky let me do something for me, she went towards closet and took out very long dildo, I fainted with seeing my mom having dildo in her pussy. She asked my dad come on play with my tits and she started first fingering in her pussy. While my dad was licking and kissing her tits she was furiously jacking big dildo inside her cunt. I was seeing that her cunt was dripping continuously. She was screaming and groaning that oohhh god, I feel it great having such long dick inside my cunt. You blessed me with big breast, butt wonderful cunt then why you had not given one big dick. I murmured outside, mom god has blessed you with big dick, it is here with me, come and get fucked with dicks. My cock was becoming thicker and harder seeing and hearing all this.

I can’t stand more there and came in my bed room, I opened my drawer and took out my mom’s micro bikini and started kissing it. Fantasizing that this is not only bikini but my mom pussy is inside of this panty. I started kissing bikini and stroking my big dick which so much hardened that I felt vein will burst out. I started screaming very slowly taking care that it would not heard outside like my mom was doing. OHHH Mom, how sexy and slut mom you are, I am craving to **** you, when I shall be able to **** you. You are so lustful, you are blessed with such big butts, big breast and slim waist and big dick which I do have. Mom come to me I definitely give heavenly pleasure of big dick. I like you big fucking whore. Yes, mom I want to **** you. My cum was shoot out from my dick like bullet from gun and spread on bed. I don’t care it of spoiling bed sheet. I was thinking that let my mom know that her little son become now young and having big dick for which she craving. I was hearing still my mom was moaning and groaning, their **** session was ended about 1 o’clock. My mom got fucked wildly with pussy eating and dildoing for continuous two hours.

I slept then, next day morning I wake up when my mom came to my bed room and awakened me. She mingled her fingure in my hair and gave me hug, I felt hotness of her big breast. She was telling, come wake up now it is almost 8 o’clock. I told her please mom allow me to sleep for some time. I told her mom I liked that you mingled your finger in my hair, can you do for some time. She immediately sat on bed and took my head in her lap and started doing that. I was seeing her, she looks beautiful in her pink night gown, I felt that she did not wear any bra inside. It was sleeve less gown, I was seeing on her sexy upper arm. Her under arm was completely shaved, there was no hair and looking too sexy. My dick was going hard and hard. Mom continued for another fifteen minutes, I was touch her inner body part pretenting that I am doing unknowingly in sleep. Mom told me let us wake up now, it is enough, I told her no mom keep doing I like that.

My mom is very smart, she read lustiness of my eye, she understood that I am flirting with her. I had slid my blanket knowingly, so that my mom can see my erected dick in my short. Seeing all this she went away, I wake up and went in bathroom, took away my mom’s bikini in bathroom for instigating my emotion and again jerked off. My mom’s micro bikini helped me lot for fantasizing about my mom. I love this bikini, I will keep it with me life long. My mom served morning breakfast on table, I was still watching her lustfully to irritate her. She noticed that I am seeing her breast and bare upper and lower arm. But she ignored it. While I was on dining table she went inside of my bed room.

I intently went towards my bed room after hurriedly finishing my breakfast to see my mom’s reaction after seeing my cum on the bed. There were spots on the bed which became hardened, she leaned and smelled it, she immediately understood that it was my cum. She laughed and murmured my little boy became now young man, and took away bed sheet for washing. I was frenzied by knowing this that my mom realized that I became young man who can masturbate. I made up my mind that I want to show my big dick for which she is craving. I want to show her that what she wanting is right here at home, she don’t require to use dildo when I am blessed with such big and thick dick.

After finishing dinner, we were sitting in living room, watching TV. My mom had wear today one Punjabi dress, which had very low neck and low cut at her back. It was very transparent, I was seeing that mother had black bra inside. Crevice of boobs was apparently visible. I enjoyed this whole day. She also noticed the change came in me, she become more cautious now. I was seeing on my mom’s boob rather than TV. She noticed it and stood up and put on dupatta. I had no interest, because I could not see my mom’s sexy boobs, hence I stood up and told OK I am going to sleep. I said good night and I intently hugged my mom to feel hotness of her tit. I had given her hug saying good night. She noticed that I am enjoying touching her boob, she pushed me back.

Now, I am sure my mom mind would be started bobbling with my such behavior, she may be curious about what I may be doing in my bed room. Little while my sister ( Jenny) also went for sleep, then my dad. Now, my mom alone was watching TV. I knew that she was not watching TV, but thinking about me. I intently kept my bed room slightly open and took out my dick and fantasized about yesterday night episode, how my mom’s became hornier. It became enough hard and thick. I was waiting that mom should pass by my bed room and see my erected 10 inch long dick. That came true, mom switched off TV and stood up. What I anticipating was come true, I felt she is coming toward my bed room. I closed my eyes as I had seen that she was peeping inside my bed room from slidly opened door.

I started jerking off my dick, it took around 10 minutes because I intently delayed my ejaculation. My mom has enjoyed entire episode of my masturbating. Again I spread my come on bed sheet, so that my mom can see it by tomorrow morning. She went then in her bed room and closed her door. I stood up to see her reaction. I peeped up from key hole, she tried to wake up my dad, but my dad was deeply snoring. She took out vibrator out of her cup-board. Ohhhhhhhh no, mom how much sexy you are, you are having all kind of instrument to enjoy sex. She masturbated with vibrator for fifteen minutes. My dick become again harder, I went my bed room and took out her red micro bikini, started kissing it, It gives me feeling like that I am kissing my mom. My dick again started coming, I again spread it on my bed sheets.

Next day morning, when my mom came to wake up me, I started fantasizing about her and my dick become more hard, I intently kept it open so she can take look of tent made by dick in my short. She noticed it and went away. I am doing so much for my mom but she was not responding positively. I had seen that while taking away my bed sheet she had seen spot of my dick’s come, to my surprise she started sucking it. I enjoyed very much that my mom likes my come.
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I love to **** my mom part 4
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