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 I love to **** my mom part 3

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Some One Special
Some One Special

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PostSubject: I love to **** my mom part 3   Fri May 29, 2009 12:16 pm

One day there was nobody there at home, I had idea in mind to see inner ware of my mom. I went in her bed room and started fumbling in her closet. I found that there were variety of bras and panties in different colors like red, black, purple, blue, pink. I surprised that mom’s have such huge collection of under ware. Many of the bikinis are very tiny like string bikini. Seeing this I excited so much and fantasized that my mom is completely naked in front of me and asking me, my dear son please get me wear sexiest two piece bikini. I picked up one red color tiny bikini, which can only cover her two inch area of cunt. Rest of the thing in that panty was string only. I moved on and put on that panty to my mom. I was so frenzied and my dick was started to erect hard and I masturbated in mom’s bed room.

I was just screaming while masturbating Ohhhhhhhhhh mom why you are so much sexy and lustful, I want to **** you. I was kissing her panty imaging that this is my mom’s cunt. My load has come out, my ball was completely drained. I put again that panty all other clothes as it is so that mom can not notice that somebody had fumbled her closet. I went in my bed room, I again started repenting that what kind of son I am that I am thinking about to **** my own mom. I cried out for little, but my brain is not coming out of large collection of my mom’s under ware. I again get up and went in her bed room, opened closet and picked one most beautiful bra and panty. I took away in my room to keep with me. There were many bikinis inside, hence I assumed mom will not notice about this missing bikini. Bikini which I took away from her ward robe still it is with me, many time I asked my mom to wear that bikini for me, my mom wear it, I feel it grate to see her in this bikini.

It is red color transparent micro bikini which barely covers my mom’s pubic area, rest of the thing in that is string only. It is transparent; hence even it she put on you can see her exotic cunt through it. Bra is also very small it hardly covers her nipple area, that is too transparent, so you can see through it erected nipple. Even if she wear this bikini, she feels completely naked. One day I fucked her with this bikini on. This whole story is still later part of this story, let us continue from the point where still I was fantasize about my mom. I still not started to **** her.

There was two kind of thought were coming in my mind that I should propose mom that I want to **** her and other that what kind of son I am that I am thinking about such sinful act. It always happens that first thought always emerging as winner that yes you are made to **** your mom, you **** proceed. Today, I decided that I want to finalize that I have to make up my mind that what should I do, after stressful thinking of 8 hrs, I came to that decision no I should not think like this.

Today, mom came at home after her 8 days long business tour; she was abroad for last week. My dad was also at home. After finishing up our dinner everybody went to their bed room. I was sitting in living room watching TV. It was around 11 o’clock of night, TV volume was very slow. I heard some noise was striking to ear. Within no time I guessed it was from my mom’s bed room. My mom was moaning and groaning to get fucked by my dad. Thinking in this my mind I could not stop myself to peep up in their bed room, even though I made up my mind not to think about my mom lustfully. I collapsed against to my resolution which I made just 6 Hrs before. I walked down at slow pace at my mom’s bed room. My sister was snoring in her bed room. I put my eye in key hole. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh no, I just amazed; my mom was completely naked except micro-micro bikini of black color on her body and dancing in front of my dad. My dad was licking her body.

I amazed that my mom is such sexy dancer too. Now, I completely dropped my resolution, and made up my mind that within one month I shall **** my mom. I shall do anything required for that. Bed room light was full on, my dad was saying put off light let put on night lamp. But my mom was saying no, I want to **** you in light and not in dark. Ohhhhhhhhhhh no mom what kind of horny slut you are. You want to **** my dad. She had art of vibrating her buttocks, she was vibrating buttock, right on face of my dad, my dad was licking her ass, pussy and sexy legs. My mom was screaming yes you come Jacky ( my dad nane is Jacky ), eat away my pussy, I was clearly hearing all those word. My dad saying speak slowly your kid are there, they may hear your screaming.

She was telling I don’t care, let them come to know that horny slut mom getting fucked by her dad. I became more and more hornier hearing all this from my mom. My mom was encouraging my dad come Jacky eat away my cunt. My dad had put his head in between her legs seating on floor and my mom was standing and kept her legs apart, so that my dad can approach her cunt. She was standing keeping her back side towards door, hence I can not see her pussy, but I imagine that how magnificent it may be as my dad was sucking and enjoying it. She was still moving her butt like sexy gesture, she was just rubbing her pussy in face of my dad. I was seeing that my dad has difficulty to breath as she strongly caught his head. My dad managed to gasp removing head from her pussy.

Her face was glistening with cunt juice. My dad told her, Jacci ( My mom name is Jacci, she changed after her marriage with my dad) your cunt is dripping so vigorously today. She screamed, I want my cunt to drip whole night, please keep eating it. My dad ate away my mom’s cunt this way for all most half an hour and mom was scream and groaning loudly. Ohhhh Jacky cum on, I like it keep doing, Ohhhhhhh I am coming, I feel my cunt is spasming, Ohhhhhhhhhhhh no, you are great pussy sucker. I like big dick, but you don’t have big dick so please, satisfy me by giving tongue fucking. I was seeing that cunt juice was dropping from her inner part of thigh. My dad told her I want to put my dick in your cunt. She was telling oh Jacky, you know I am not getting satisfied with small dick. I see through Key hole, really my dad had only 4 to 5 inch dick. My mom was groaning you keep sucking my cunt I like that. Now they turned position my mom became in doggy style keeping her face towards door.

Now I can see expression of my mom while my dad was sucking from behind. I was seeing my mom’s big boob were swaying here and there during her rhythmic motion, I wish that my mom stay in this position during their whole fucking session so that I can enjoy seeing her face and boobs. But after a while she stood up and asked my dad to stand up and took my fathers four inch long dick inside her mouth. At this time she sat on floor on her knee by side, I can view side view of her big boobs and butt. She was eating my dad’s cock like anything, within two minute my dad ejaculated in her mouth, she swallowed all his come. Some of the drops laid on her breast she started licking it.
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I love to **** my mom part 3
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