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 I love to **** my mom part 2

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PostSubject: I love to **** my mom part 2   Fri May 29, 2009 12:16 pm

But my dad was ready to marry her. She was telling that they had many time fucking session with my dad also before marriage. My mom is my best friend, it should be, because she is my fucking partner, she share all her sensual experience of her life with me. I am very crazy to hear from her about her fucking story. She told me one story about two best friends of college; they were very handsome and stout muscular young boy having 8 inch long cock. She was telling those guy had fucked my mom in her teen age together in college bathroom; it was unforgettable experience for my mom first time in her life she played with two cock together. She was telling that this two guys had made her crazy about fucking, they fucked her all three **** hole pussy, ass and mouth. I also getting excited knowing such real fucking story from my mom. OK, there are many real stories I have to tell you, let us again start from marriage of my mom and dad.

My mom was from Hindu family and my dad is Christian. As soon as my mom and dad proposed to get marry with each other, both my mom’s and dad’s family went against that and told strictly that they can not marry each other. My dad is little soft man, he turn around his thought to get marry, but mom is very courageous and daring women. She again made up mind of my father and they got marry in one of the church in presence of their friend. My mom and dad were ostracized from their families. My mom and dad became alone except their friends. My mom had good friends in her college; it should be because she had good sexual relationship with many of her boy friends. She was telling that those friends had helped out them and managed to get one small room for living in slum area of Bombay. My mom and dad managed to get small jobs to earn money for their subsistence. They were in bad time, because no body was their to help them out except mom’s ex-fucking partner of college. But, they started asking to have fun with mom in turn of their help. Mom decided, now she got married and now not to indulge in such external sex.

She wants to be loyal to my father. She got pregnant in this bad time, but she wish to give birth to her little baby. She got twins me and my sister after nine months she became happy and loving us so much. She again started looking for new job because her old job left because of her maternity period. She was telling me that where ever she was going, she gets the job immediately but she was loosing it within one month. I asked why it was like that she explained me that people were not giving job her but to her lustful body. She was very much glorious beauty, once her boss fails to enjoy her, he kicked out of the job. She changed jobs this way for six times, then she frustrated and started crying. My dad came to her rescue and asked why you don’t offer yourself to your boss; my mom said I want to be loyal to you. My dad said OK I don’t mind unless you so much loving me. Because we are in need of job and to earn money for future of our kids. My mom very much loved us; she also thought to make our future bright. She made up her mind to offer herself, if it would be required.

She got one new job, while interviewing her, boss was staring her big voluptuous breast with lustful eyes. I told you earlier that my mom have very much daring once she made up to fight the situation. She understood interviewer has eye on lustful body. He was not interested in her professional skill, but in fucking skill. My mom was saying me this she immediately slipped her Duppatta which was covering her breast and winked her eye with invitation to interviewer that come and play with it, it is for you only. Interviewer stood up from his chair and came near to my mom’s chair. He lifted her and put her on nearby sofa. Within no time she made herself totally naked to offer her beautiful cunt and breast to her boss. All this I heard form my mom and describing you. She had given him very good fucking session of hour long. My mom was saying she enjoyed it lot really to get fucked by unknown man. She got appointment letter on the same day and joined with handsome salary.

His boss was very much pleased with her fulfilling all her physical need, in turn my mom was satisfying his sexual need. My mom was saying that there was not single day, she was not get fucked with her boss. They use to have sex in his office, hotel home on beach at late night. My mom was getting fucked in every possible position and all **** hole. One day, my mom thought his boss was fucking her regularly and giving penny out of it because they had bucks in which they can subsist only, can not enjoy luxurious life. My mom proposed my dad that she wants to be high society call girl. My dad got stunned what are telling, she explained him my boss fucking me daily rather than that I will get fucked with different people and can earn more money.

She developed had good contacts with many business man of Bombay, she wants to encash that now. My dad agreed with her and said yes, my mom left the jobs and started her call girl business. My mom and dad thought to send us in boarding school, so that we don’t know what business my mom doing. This whole story I came to know after I started to **** my mom, earlier to that I did not know.

My sister and I were studying in boarding school. I was very brilliant in studying; my sister was not that much. My dad and mom were coming to meet us at boarding school. We were coming at home during vacation; my mom was spending good time with us when we stay at home. I remember that within five-six year whole situation changed, my parent had made a lot of money. They were saying us that they started some business which changed our life. Me and my little sister has no interest that which business started by mom and dad. We managed to have now luxurious flat in very posh area of Bombay with three bed room. When we come at home, we enjoying a lot with our mom and dad. We know they were making lot money in their business.

I was proud of my mom being successful business women. I did not know which business she was doing. I became teen age and came in tenth standard, I gave exam of tenth and then there was vacation of two months. I came at home along with my sister. I was becoming more sensual and started masturbating with different fantasy. When I came at home spend so much time with my mom, I started enjoying company of mom. My mom is changed totally then earlier, I thought it may be its business need. Because she may be meeting many of the people for the business. I like to describe my mom’s dressing code, which I noticed during this vacation. I became now one sensual teen age boy. I was started to look at my mom with different angle, though I had not thought of fucking her that time. But I was thinking that how sexy she is. She was looking like college going teen age girl while she wear skin tight low waist jeans and skin tight T-shirt. Any body can see every curve of her body.

I like that but I was feeling bad in my mind with which kind of sight I am looking at my own mom. My mom is very nice and she was taking care of me and my sister in all best possible way during stay at our home in vacation. Thus, vacation was over and again we went back for study. We were use to come at home when we had long leave and vacation to enjoy with our mom, because my mom was spending good time with us. My dad remain out for his job requirement. Like this another four year passed and I came in college now. I became of 20 year age. Now true hot story I am going to start about fucking my mom.

I remember that it was vacation and I came at home and enjoyed staying with my mom. This time I felt great stay at home.

However, as I grew up I found myself beginning to watch my mom more and more lustfully. Her big 40 inch butt, voluptuous breast and trim waist would always catch my eyes. I always stare at my mom without her notice on her butt and breast. I was feeling little filthy but enjoying it, my cock becoming harder and harder always seeing this. I started jerking off with fantasy with my own mom first time in my life. I had thought of repent for doing this but it get over from my mind when I again see her with breast coming out of her tight T-shirt. She always puts up sexy clothes which merely cover her sexy parts of body. She must understand me that still I am small kid. How, can I make her understand that mom don’t wear such sexy clothed I am getting sensual for you. In fact, from my deep heart I like to be her in such sexy dresses. I proud to be having such sexy mom. She was running in the age of 40 but looks like of 30 years old blond lady.
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I love to **** my mom part 2
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