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Some One Special

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PostSubject: ----------Sis--------------   Fri May 29, 2009 12:13 pm

By: roshan

Hi I am Roshan from Jammu. This is a true incident that happened in my life that changed my life forever. Two years ago my parents had gone on to Haridwar. I & my sister were the only ones left in our house. I have to go outside for some work so I left for market but I forget my purse so I came back and opened the front gate and entered my house I called for my sister and she was nowhere to be found there. I went to her room it was locked. I heard some one speaking and whining like the sound that comes in Blue films. I was taken aback by the thought of my sister having sex with some one. I climbed the balcony and saw into her room through the ventilator. There she was, my sister was fully naked and some one was sucking from her boobs.

To my horror it was not a man but a friend of my sister (a girl). She was also naked. My sister was massaging her boobs with her hand it was oily I think they had applied oil. Her body structure was like that of a professional call girl as seen in movies. I had seen her many times coming to my house to see my sister but haven't spoken to her. She looked very beautiful in her birthday suit. She was inserting a long tube like thing in to my sister's pussy (it was fully covered with hair so I was unable to see my sister's pussy!). After taking the tube out my sister started to insert it in to her friend’s pussy. I wanted to watch this for some more time since, my sister was also exposing her boobs (it was also beautiful and big) I was unable to watch it. I gave a tap on the window and they both saw me.

They were frightened to see me. I came to my sister's room after they both dressed up. Still, they were shivering. My sister didn't even looked at me. She was looking at the floor. Then after some time she said that "I should not say this to our parents". She also said that she would do anything for doing so. She was crying but her friend was not even moved. But she too said that this should not be brought to the knowledge of our parents.

At this point I quickly worked out a plan in my mind with much hesitation I told that to my sis. I told that if I should not tell that to my parents they should do me a favor. They were eager to hear it and from their looks I learnt that they will be ready to do anything. Then I said with shyness and trembling that 'If I should not say to father then I will have sex with your friend'. My sister was the one who opposed it. But from the looks of her friend I found it that she was ready to have sex. I convinced and made my sister accept this.

My sister said that her friend is elder to me and she is also in a way sister to me. But I said she may be elder but I didn't see her like my sister. After many convincing by her friend and me my sister accepted me to have sex with her friend but only using a condom. My sister half heartedly left the room. I quickly ran to a nearby shop & purchased 3 condoms (in case) came to the house and closed my sister's room. Though I was victorious in winning a girl for sex I was not at all confident in my heart. I am a very shy person. I don't even talk with the girls in my class.

My sister's friend came near me. I haven't been so close with a girl. She was wearing a sleeveless salwar Kameez with a push up bra. She touched me. That was the moment I was waiting from my teens till now. Though I felt a deep sense of joy in me I was shivering with fear. Since there was no time to waste I pushed aside my fears and saw her in her eyes. She looked very beautiful to me more beautiful than everyone else in the whole world. She had left her hair loose and this is the way I wanted my dames to be. I hugged her like anything.

I could feel the pressure of her boobs (breasts) on my chest as I hugged her (I hugged her only for this). Then I kissed her first in the cheeks and then in her lips and then she took me into the French kiss sending the saliva in her mouth into mine. It was like amudham or manna from heaven. Then I lifted her in my arms and took her to my sister's bed. I laid her there and then we were indulged in giving kisses. She was co-operating well. I laid my hands on her breast (with the salwar kameez), the first breast that I am touching. I wanted to disrobe her but I felt a little nervous to do so. Suddenly she pushed me down and removed her salwar.

She was standing at the end of the bed with her panties and Bra. She climbed upon me and removed my pants and then my underwear. My cock was as hard as a rock and erect. She touched it. That moment was as if I had reached heaven. She squeezed it, sucked it. She was enjoying the sperm coming from there. At times it was painful but the resulting feeling was incomparable to anything. I got up & removed my T-shirt and I released her breast from the bra jail. We both were now in birthday suits. Only after I removed her clothes I understood that naked women are not very good to watch but good to have. Only exposed women (like the one's who come in James bond movies showing nearly 80% of their breasts and not more than that) are good to the senses.

I could see my sister waiting impatiently outside the room. I thought that she would be longing to see someone have sex live. I asked her whether she wanted to see me have sex. I didn't find anything wrong with that, after all I am her brother and she had seen me naked even before that. I remember an incident when I was fifteen years, she accidentally entered my room and I was in my birthday suit (shagging) she was upset with me shagging and went away without saying anything. Though she hesitated first she then came inside the room.

I felt ashamed though I was the one who called her in I felt sorry for that now. My sister came in but since she also felt the same she went away. I was relieved. I returned to the bed and joined her. I suckled from her breasts and licked from her pussy. I squeezed her breasts as hard as I can. Then it was that final moment of true happiness I was about to insert my cock in to her pussy, which was cleanly, shaved off hairs. She got me by my cock and stripped a pack of condom and fixed it on my cock. She said that safe sex must be followed. Then I inserted my sim card (cock) into her cell phone (vagina) [a little bit of humor is needed even for an erotic incident!].

We both enjoyed ourselves and pushed ourselves to the maximum limit possible. Induced by this joy I was eager to know how nice if it will be to have sex without a condom and I removed my condom she objected to this and got away. Then we stopped and just sat in the room. Then I went near her and brought her to the bed and made her lie there. We both slept side by side with our birthday Suit. Since, we felt tired we both fell asleep. After having sleep for some time I woke up and felt something smelly. Then I realized that it was the smell of my sperm and some of her liquid that was all over our body. I woke her .She woke after some violent shakes by me.

I got hold of her breasts and I massaged her nipples which were as hard as rock and said that we should have a Shower. She took a bedspread covered herself and went it to the bathroom I followed her in to the bathroom naked. She started to bath by opening the shower I too joined her in the bath. I got hold of her breast and I massaged it nicely and she got into the mood and massaged my cock in return. I took a shampoo bottle and squeezed shampoo onto her hair and I washed it well. Then I took some more and poured on her pussy and washed it with my own hands all the time she was enjoying like anything. I could feel that by the tight grip she gave my cock whenever I went beyond the limit. Then she took the shampoo bottle and poured into her hands and massaged my cock with it.

Now I was on the receiving side .Instead of massaging with her hand she chewed my cock slightly with her mouth. Oh god it was a feeling that no one can describe with words. You have to enjoy it. Then we stopped the shower I dried her body with a towel then she dried mine and we again went to the bed and slept again in our birthday suit. I had a small thought running in my mind, this day was supposed to be enjoyed by my sister with her friend but I am enjoying it and my sister has been fooled by both of us. I didn't remember when I went to that deep sleep.

When I woke it was nearly 7'o clock in the morning and my parents will be coming any time now. It was aching at every point in my Body. Hurriedly, I searched for my sis and my babe! My sis was in her room sleeping. I woke her and asked where her friend is? She said after sleeping there for some time with me she had gone to her home. I felt relieved. Due to previous nights work load!

I didn't even go to the college that day. After this incident my attitude about girls changed much. Days passed and I made many attempts to find my sisters friend's name and her house. It was of know use my sister had concealed them all. Then One day I came to know from my sister that her friend and her family are leaving the town the next morning and her friend wanted to see me. I went to her house and met her in privacy. There the unexpected happened she proposed to me (which I too wanted to do) and gave me her love. I accepted it and still now we are in love with each other. Though she has gone to a city near our town we meet at times.

Though it was lust that was burning within me has now turned into love between us. I am now preparing for competitive exams to get a good job. Soon after I settle in life we will marry. Though man is moved by lust and sex, at certain point of life everyone has to fall in love with someone. Hi, did you like the incident that occurred to me. If you want to contact me mail me roshansexy.15@rediffmail.com.com Please send me your incidents to me at and I will be very grateful to you.
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