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 Big Baji is Horney Part 3

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PostSubject: Big Baji is Horney Part 3   Fri May 29, 2009 12:12 pm

Second night when I entered her room she was lying naked on her bed and I could very clearly see her each and every curve of her body, her boobs were perfectly toned and her ½ inches long dark brown nipples pointing up. I could see trimmed pubic hair of her. I was totally aroused but I asked her to continue her story from where she left last night. She nodded kissed me and asked me to listen then. What she told was.

Fatima gawked at him. Taimur just gave her another of those devastating sexy grins as he reached around her, unhooked her bra, and pushed the tiny garment up, uncovering her gorgeous tits. Taimur stared hungrily at the flawless creamy globes and at her stiff little pink nipples (Now dark brown). Fatima could tell he was very aroused at the sight of her naked breasts.

He grabbed for them, his hands hot and eager. Fatima gasped and slumped back against the seat of the car, shivering with sensations she'd never experienced before. While Taimur played with her tits, she creamed right through her panties, and her belly did lusty flip-flops. He worked his thumbs expertly over her nipples, making them even more rigid and engorged, and she moaned with delight.

"We really shouldn't be doing this," she said weakly.

"How come?" he grinned? "Don't you like it?"

That was the same question he'd asked before. It had never occurred to her. All she knew was that her folks would be very angry if they caught her doing these things with a boy. But did she like it? Now that she thought about it, yes, she liked it very much. She didn't want Taimur to stop fondling her sensitive tits. So why were her parents against something that felt so good?

"Mmmmmm, yes I do! It feels great," she murmured, looking dreamily up into his handsome face.

"It's going to feel a lot better, baby. We're just getting started." he told her. "Why don't we get more comfortable? I know a real private spot."

He tugged her shirt down over her tits but didn't fasten her bra. Fatima followed him in a daze as he grabbed a blanket, left the car, and followed a path through the woods. They came to a very secluded clearing, and Taimur spread out the blanket, pulled her down on it, and started kissing her hotly.

Fatima just melted when he darted his tongue into her mouth and cupped and squeezed her bare tits. Her pussy was on fire, even though she didn't understand why. She just knew she couldn't stop creaming, couldn't stop her moaning and wriggling. Finally Taimur broke off the steamy kisses and came up for air. There was a hot glazed look in his eyes as he reached for the zipper of her jeans and started tugging it open.

"No, Taimur. Wait," Fatima squeaked, "what are you doing?"

"I want to see your pussy," he said, as if it was the most natural and reasonable request in the world.

She didn't know what to say to that. Her parents would have an answer, for sure, but was it her answer? She knew she wanted him to go on touching her and arousing her, but how far was "too far"? While she puzzled over these questions, Taimur deftly removed her jeans and panties in one smooth tug, leaving her naked from the waist down. Her blouse was pushed up over her tits, exposing her completely to his lustful gaze.

His eyes glowed with hunger as he studied her slender, naked young body. He stroked the soft little triangle of sparse fur covering her virgin cunt, and she blushed hotly. Still, she didn't want him to stop. She blushed even deeper when he gently but firmly spread her legs and studied the cream-soaked pink flesh of her tight-lipped little slit. That was where she played with herself when she got those funny restless

Her mother had warned her not to do that, either. She'd been told never to touch herself "down there" except to bath. But she'd done it anyway. It just seemed the natural thing to do when she felt hot between her thighs. Now Taimur was touching her there, and it felt even more exciting than when she played with herself.

He trailed a stiff finger from the top of her cunt-slit all the way back to the tiny puckered mouth of her asshole. Back and forth went that finger, teasing and arousing her, making her cream in helpless spurts.

I was unable to resist anymore so I put my lips on her lips and we were drowned in each other our naked bodies touched each other and a hot shiver went through my spine. I was on her and my chest was pressing on her boobs and my hands are working on her body all over from top to bottom. She was moaning and abusing me and using bad words to arouse me and herself “Mardar chod apni maan ki choot samjhi hai jo roz aa jata hai iss ko chodne”, she gave a naughty smile and after a little pause said “Tera lund jab meri choot mein ghusta hai to maza aa jata hai waise”, I just smile and put my lips on her hard nipples which erect now and at full swing.

I licked and sucked them and was pressing her clit with my fore finger. She was moaning with pleasure “aaaaaaaahhhhh ooooooooiiiiiiiiii choot mein daal na unglu kharish ho rahi hai, meri choot ki kharish khatam kar chikne”, she was going crazy. “Faiza ko bhi kabhi chodne ki koshish ki hai kiya”, she asked me with a naughty smile and held my cock and started rubbing with her tits. I said no I never thought of about her.

“Tum to meri choot ke diwane ho Faiza ki taraf kaise dekhte”, she kissed me on my lips and pinched my cheek so hard that I hissed with pain “sssssssssss aaaaahhhh”, she laughed and said “kiyun gand phat gayee kiya” and I blushed but didn’t say anything.

She was in naughty mood she said again in same tone “waise Kamal ka lund hai tera choot ke ander jata hai to aasmanon ki sair kara deta hai aik dafa”. She was quiet for few seconds just rubbing my dick on her boobs. Then she suddenly started looking into my eyes and said with a smile, ”Mosi ko chode ga”, Mosi was her maid servant, she was 34 years old with big 38 D bra size and big butts. She was not bad at all. I got hard on several times seeing her working. “ja bula la us ko, kitchen mein soi ho gi”, she asked me.

“Me, will she come with me”, I looked at baji and she told me to ask her that Fatima baji is calling you. I got up and she asked me to bring her from my room. I went to the Kitchen she had just finished dishes and was making space to sleep. I told her that baji needed her for something and she immediately left I reminded her to go from my room, she turned and looked at me with surprise but didn’t say anything and left. I also after having a glass of water headed towards my room. I just waited in my room for a signal from baji. After 15 minutes Mosi entered my room from bathroom and asked me to come baji was waiting for me I followed her and as we entered baji’s room Mosi started stripping. Baji had convinced her for **** with me.

After taking off her clothes she stepped on baji’s bed and sat between her legs on her four (doggie position) and started licking Fatima baji’s pussy she was lapping her cunt lips like and expert then she opened baji’s cunt lips and licked inside. My cock was rock hard, baji waved her hand at me giving me green signal to **** her. I went behind her put my dick head on her cunt opening and pushed my whole length in her. Sound of aaaahhhhh released from her mouth but she kept on licking baji. I started pounding her and as I pushed in every time she pressed her face against baji’s pussy. Both women were moaning and mixed sounds of both of them were getting louder and louder. I was scared if anyone heard them what will they think. But they were not bothered at all.

I was holding her butts and thrusting her pussy hard and fast. After 30 minutes bodies of baji and Mosi shivered at same time and both had an orgasm screams echoed in the room and then it was silence only sound of breath of both of them could be heard. I was also near to cum I announced I am at the edge and inquired where should I cum. Baji asked me to cum in her mouth. I pulled my dick out of her pussy and shifted it in baji’s mouth which was already wide open. Just 2 or 3 sucks from baji did the job and my dick started ejecting endless threads in her mouth, she didn’t let single drop come out and swallowed. When we were done Mosi left for kitchen and I laid beside baji kiss her for what she did for me. This story has not yet finished just wait for next part till then I am here on haiscollins@yahoo.com. If you have anything to say please feel free.
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Big Baji is Horney Part 3
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