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 Saro - The Sex Bomb

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Some One Special
Some One Special

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PostSubject: Saro - The Sex Bomb   Fri May 29, 2009 12:10 pm

Hello guys and girls. Myself Sumit (19 years) from luck now I am here to narrate the best encounter of my life. I hope you guys like the whole encounter. I'm desperately waiting for your responses especially from the female readers of luck now. When my brother in law got a Dubai assignment for three months, my sister called me to come over and stay with them. Their flat was in Anna Nagar and I working in a soft ware company was staying in a Bachelor accommodation in Adyar. My sister was working in a bank and hence had a tight time schedule. Their daughter, Saro, 14 was in the school and they wanted somebody in the house necessarily a relative to take care of the girl when her mother is away.

They had an excellent servant but she will go away after doing all the work by 5 pm and my sister returns from the bank only at 8 or 9 pm. If not for the Dubai assignment my BIL would have been at home to guard his daughter. These days anything can happen hence we have to be very careful. In my office they had flexible working hours and even if I work from home they accepted it and it suited me immensely. At any time of the day I just drop in at my office and get linked with my colleagues through office network with my laptop from home and it is as good as sitting in the office. My sister's flat is actually a penthouse with a room upstairs which I could use undisturbed. I had a home theatre connected to my laptop and it was my weakness to listen to music when I worked.

Clad only in a lungi, I used to be enjoying my work as the music pours out through my home theatre. My sister slept in her bedroom with her daughter, Saro, who is still in the school. But for looks she looks much grown up for her age. She drives an electronic bike. Saro rides the bike to her school and back. During the bumps in the road, it is fun to watch when her boobs will jump at every bump. It is fun for the boys to watch her riding the bike. Saro as soon as she returns from school gets busy with her home work and once it is over she runs around like a small child. She goes to the kitchen eats whatever is available and puts on the TV watch it for sometime and then comes to my room and goes on talking. She wears for a change miniskirt and loose full sleeved shirt made of thin cotton material. Her boobs were clearly visible and without bra one can see its outlines clearly.

She sits in front of me watching doing the work but goes on talking on some school adventure, classmates or teachers etc. I give her a patient hearing and work. She likes me because I listen to her and respond to her. Since her mother is not available for the best part of the day she sits with me reading some magazine or watches my TV or listen to the home theatre. One day she came tip toeing and caught me unawares watching me a porn video. Poor child was totally confused. She wanted to see it again and all my persuasions went unheard. I said I will show you but you must not take it to heart. It is unsuitable for girls of your age since it will contain prohibited materials. You should not discuss it with your classmates or friends or your mother. She said we always discuss with each other sex and matters relating to sex. My friends tell me how their parents **** and how their sisters and their husbands ****. But I have not yet seen actual fucking. Please uncle show me this video.

I could not say no and I tried to change the topic, but she was patient and came back to this subject. I told her about human physiology and how the sex works, dangers in sex etc. She listened to me patiently and said show me the video. I had no other go except to show her. She watched open mouthed and wide eyed from the first scene of blow job and sucking the clit. The boy and the girls in their teen age were fucking and their pleasure was writ on their face. It was a long video crystal clear with sound effects of their moaning. The boy fucked her in missionary style and then doggy style and then the girl rode over him like a cow boy. Seeing all these in detail I could not help having an erection. It was shown as a bulge in my Bermuda.

Saro sitting near me in another chair moved closer to me for better viewing. The girl shouted loudly when she reached her orgasm and the boy pulled his cock out and spurted his cum. The girl took his cock in her mouth and ate the entire cum with relish. Saro was moving constantly and watched my bulge from the corner of her eyes. I had only this Bermuda over me and her with a loose cotton shirt and a mini skirt. She had not worn any bra and I did not know whether she wore any panty. She was moving constantly and when the show was over I switched off my laptop. Poor Saro was visibly aroused and hot. She did not know what to do neither do I. She asked me to play it again. I said you have seen it fully and then why do you want to see it again.

Please uncle put it on again let me see all in detail. She got up from her seat came near me and touching my cheeks she requested me to play it again. I said ok, but wait for some time. I thought her heat will diminish and then I can play. But she wanted it then and soon. As an act of persuasion she came near me and turned my face and pressed her boob on my face. Her breathing was going fast and her face was flushed. I too was very much aroused and her touched made things worse for me. When I moved my hand to move the mouse, my elbow touched her pussy and I found that she did not even wear a panty. Her public hair touched my elbow. I wondered whether she was standing so close to me with any other intent or not. When I turned my face to look at her, my lips braced against her nipples. An electric shock went through me and her.

Standing very close to me she put her hands around my neck and pressed my head against her chest. Her young boobs were pressed against my face. I told her to sit in the chair. When moving she bent low and touched my bulge as if by accident. I removed her hand from the bulge and put on the video again as a replay. Seeing the video our hot bodies became more hot. She now boldly touched my bulge and started to undo my Bermuda. I put my hand around her and pulled her closer to me. She responded. Her deft hands unbuttoned my Bermuda and then touched my erect cock and pulled it out. In the video the girl was giving a blow job to the boy. Saro opened her mouth and put my cock in her mouth and her tongue was rolling all over my cock head. Wait Saro, I said and made her to stand and unbuttoned her shirt and her virgin boobs were exposed. The red nipples were hard and erect. I licked them and covered them with my lips. She moaned sssss. Holding her nipples in my mouth we both watched the video. Holding my head firmly with her hands she was pushing it against her boobs.

Opening my mouth wide I took as much of her boob as possible into my mouth. The boy in the video was readying the girl for sucking her clit. She sat in the bed and opened her legs wide and fell back and the boy buried his face in her crotch. Saro was looking at my face. We were just imitating what is being played in the video. Saro ran to my bed and sat lifting her miniskirt exposing her crotch and the hairy pussy. I slowly got up, switched off my laptop went near her and told her that we have gone too far. But already in great heat Saro wanted me to imitate the boy in the video. When I placed my face in her crotch, Saro felt tickled and pushed me out. I forcibly opened her legs and buried my face in her crotch. She was resisting saying that my beard stubs tickle her. Her cunt was watery and smells fresh. Her cunt hair was scanty. I opened her cunt lips and her virgin cunt looked pinkish red. Her cunt lips were swollen and her tiny clit was also visible. I licked her cunt lips and her clit.

She held my head firmly and was pushing my head into her cunt. I pulled out her swollen clit and licked it softly and slowly. Saro was shaking like a leaf. She was enjoying the onset of a climax. She lifted her hip and was moaning. Her ivory colored soft skin was really beautiful. I was not in a haste hence taken all the time. Saro was enjoying series of orgasms. Saro wanted my cock to be given into her mouth. We 69ed and she took my cock into her mouth and sucked with all force. I licked and sucked her clit softly. I shot my cum into her mouth which she ate fully. Saro now wanted a ****. I said no. You are a virgin and fucking with take away your virginity. You are too young to lose your virginity. You and I have enjoyed very much and let us stop here. We have still time and **** later. Meekly nodding her head she agreed with me. Did you not enjoy, I asked. Oh, Very much, she said.

But we had too much sex today. We may do like this more in the coming days. But be careful, your mother should not know. If she comes to know I may vacate this place and you will be all alone. Oh no, uncle, please, you have given me more pleasure, you should not go, she said. I am your uncle and your parents have great confidence in me and that is why they left you in my custody. I should not have done what I did today. But circumstance forced both to succumb to our passion. But so far so good nothing more than this. I agree, I agree, she said. After about half an hour she was again horny. My cock also regained its strength. It was just 5.30 pm and we had plenty of time. Saro's mother will come only after 7. Saro asked me to remove my garments and lie down in the bed. She just wanted to lie down on me and see how it will be. She lied on me positioning my cock flatly on her cunt and pressing her boobs on my chest and kissing my lips. We rolled over making her down and I on top.

I kissed her all over her body sucking her navel and back. I asked her to stop and go and have a bath. Saro got dressed and meekly left. But next day as soon as she returned from school and finished her home work, she rushed to me and I was in my lungi working on my laptop. What is this, were you thinking of only this for the whole day, I asked. Yes uncle I was thinking of the pleasures you gave me yesterday. It was like a heaven. I laughed and said wait for me to finish my work and then we play yesterday's game. She nodded in agreement. I finished my work and closed my laptop and then got up. Saro was meekly reading some magazine. Like the previous day she was not with any undergarments. She had trimmed her public hair and her cunt looked like a crack in the skin. We enjoyed leisurely and took more than two hours of fun. We kept it secret between us and this went on for many days. In the meantime her father came and went. She finished her school and went to college.

My people were asking me to get married since my career has almost stabilized. Her mother was taking retirement and there were very few chances for our sexual encounters. Leaving her a virgin I ended my episode of sex with Saro. After years we both got married and went in our own way. Once when we met at a marriage function, she came to me and said that there just one job left unfinished. I asked what. She said smilingly just **** me once. She created an opportunity and we could get just an hour to ourselves in a hotel room. She wanted to feel my cock inside her just to feel how it would be. We fucked and fucked to our heart's content. Please don't forget to give your responses on love2helpusexy@gmail.com.
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PostSubject: Re: Saro - The Sex Bomb   Tue Jun 16, 2009 2:11 am

cool Devil Pak
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Saro - The Sex Bomb
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