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 I take her real

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PostSubject: I take her real   Fri May 29, 2009 12:09 pm

It started off when I bumped into an aunty from University. She was 5’3" (typical height) and was wearing chudidar (typical again), and had black hair going just below her shoulders, she looked stunning. She was asking me for directions to a certain building. I was too amazed to be listening to her, but I did manage to give her the directions. After a while I tried to get her out of my head, but she wouldn’t go. I just couldn’t get her stunning looks out of my mind. I then went to the same building for which she had been asking directions for, and this time I saw her again. I thought that if I don’t ask, I won’t get, so I approached her. I went up to her and asked her if she knew someone called Sonia (I was looking for an excuse to chat to her).

I basically said that she looked similar to a friend of mine called "Sonia" and I wanted to know whether she was related to her (because of her looks). She said no, I then went on and told her that Sonia was a real close friend of mine who had passed away (girls tend to fall for this line). You should have seen her face, she looked as though she was going to cry. I told her that we could exchange email numbers because I was getting late for a seminar (just making an excuse). By that time she had told me her name, which was Kalsoom, and we had managed to exchange email numbers. I told her that I would be emailing her pretty soon. After a few weeks of corresponding with Kalsoom via email, we then quite often chatted about general stuff on the phone.

We became very good friends with Kalsoom and at one time she had asked me if I would be interested in going out for a meal "just as friend". Now, would I turn an opportunity like this down ? (I don’t think so). The following night (Friday), I picked her up and took her to this restaurant. During the meal I managed to find out that she was a 28 yrs old and her husband originated from Islamabad. We continued to get to know one another, and we left after an hour or so. Once we got into the car, I then asked if she wanted to get dropped off at home, she said no and said that the night was still young. I then asked if she would be interested in going back to my place to watch a movie.

She said yes and I then drove to my house as my parents were down in Ooty. I put on a video, dimmed the lights and sat down with her. During the movie, I remembered that I had taped porn over the movie, and I couldn’t wait to see what her reaction would be. After 5 minutes of watching the video, up popped a porn scene, there was a blonde bimbo getting fucked by 2 guys. I caught a glimpse of her (Kalsoom), her eyes were wide open and her face had gone red. I then quickly got up , stopped the player and started apologizing. She then told me that she was curious about sex and wanted to watch it. I then played the DVD player, went back and sat next to her, the porn movie continued.

She looked at me in a surprising manner and said "have you ever had sex ?". I said "just the once". She said "How do people make true love ? ". I said "If they love one another with their hearts". She then said "Do you love me as a friend ?". I said "Yes". She then asked if I would make true love to her, and boy would I, I’d do a whole lot more. She then put her hand on my thigh and kissed me. I then kissed her back and I managed to grab one of her tits and give it a squeeze. She unzipped my pants and took out my Lund and was surprised because she had never seen a BIG Lund before(because her husband Lund is too small), and said "It’s very big". I then said "Suck it" and she did as she was told. She was sucking my Lund like she was sucking an ice cream during the summer. I shouted out that I was going to come and the bitch took my knob into her mouth and continued to suck.

My spunk came shooting out, she couldn’t even swallow it all. It began coming out of her mouth and it splattered everywhere. I then took my clothes off and she did the same. I thought that I’d try some of the sweet honey that I could smell. We were both lying down, still watching the movie. I then began to move down her body very slowly, kissing every part and licking every part of her sweet scented body. I got to her pussy and I started to toy around with her clitoris with my tongue. She was moaning quite loud. I continued to lap at her pussy and made her ejaculate her juices all over my face. I then moved back and took my Lund in one hand and parted her now excited pussy lips with the other, and I slowly penetrated her. I fucked her good and hard and she was yelping like a puppy. (Oh man, it was really unbelievable). I could not believe my luck.

We then changed positions and this time she was on all fours and I managed to ram my Lund into her tight cunt. She went crazy, she started screaming out as I continued to **** her harder. After awhile I turned her over, and now she was lying down on her stomach. Her ass looked so fucking sexy, it was big and round. I then grabbed some Vaseline and smothered it over her asshole and she turned around saying "what are you doing?". I just said " I want to try a new method of making love to you". By that time I had covered my Lund with Vaseline and I began to penetrate her. She screamed out saying "STOP!!...It hurts!!!". I ignored her, put my hand over her mouth, and slid my 7" into her big ass. I then began pounding her, but she was still very tight because she was lying on her stomach with my weight on top of her. After a few more thrusts I shot my load into her asshole.

I then moved my hand from her mouth, she was still screaming so loud that I thought the neighbors would have called the police. I then withdrew my Lund from her and then I asked her to have a shower with me. After the shower we then went to bed because I knew that my parent’s were not going to be back by Monday. During the night we made love, and in the morning I dropped her off at home. I still can’t forget the sight of when she had difficulty in walking into the car. I was just thinking of what her parents would say if they saw her like this. We still meet up occasionally and have sex, but recently she just told me that she’s going to Islamabad. If any female wishes to get sex with me or if anybody needs sex advice or wants to comment, please e-mail me at aries8nasha@yahoo.com
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I take her real
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