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 Feelings with lust for my cousion Sis

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PostSubject: Feelings with lust for my cousion Sis   Fri May 29, 2009 12:08 pm

this is “Nathuramj” again from Jhunjhunu. Please write your feed backs & interests to my mail. It’s after a long time I’m writing my 2nd experience. It happened some 6 yrs back between me & an elder widowed cousin of mine. I was and 19 at that time. My favorite time pass is still surfing net only with my shorts & good music. Hitting road with out any plan is cool & end up with a cooler time is expected. I was in my 12th grad at that time. Her name is Pritha I use to call her Pritha didi. She was around 28, average figure to the slimmer side, around 34 boobs, 29 waist & 36 hips, with a 4 yrs old son.

She was living with her parents (my uncle & aunt). After the death of her husband (3 yrs back) she completed her master & was looking for a suitable job. She was applying to govt. Sectors. She was living some 3 hrs train journey distance from our place. Once she came down to our place to attend a competitive exam of a govt. Job. She was to stay for 3 days for that & we got friendly during that time. My mom asked me to leave her to house as she is a girl & there should some 1 go with her. I just passed the 11th & promoted to 12th & so there was no pressure of study even then. So I went there to leave her to her house & stayed there for a week.

During my stay we got very much free & friendly & even we shared some non-veg jokes also. She was too shy to react or any reply; but she used to laugh & enjoy the jokes so much. It was a country type place & she use to take me to different places by bicycle. Some time during our way back to home she use to ride the cycle while I use to sit in the front rod of the cycle & her boobs use to touch my shoulder. We use to chat a lot on the roof by lying next to each other as she wanted to get updated as a city girl & my uncle asked me to her as much as I can. After a week I came back to my place & continued my daily life.

After around 3 months one of my close relative got very much sick & suggested by the doctors of Jhunjhunu to visit Jaipur for treatment & even operate if needed. My mom & dad were going with them & the trip was uncertain by time. Mom asked my aunt to come to our house with Pritha didi & stay with me until they comes back. Aunty & Pritha didi came to our house with uncle the day before my parents leave for Jaipur. I & Pritha didi went to the station for see off. On the way back to house I learnt that uncle will be leaving tonight as there house is empty & her son is all alone with their neighbor. After reaching our house we learnt that there neighbor called & the kid is very uneasy with out his grand parents. So uncle asked Pritha didi & me if we‘ve any problem to settle things alone for until week end. We assured their peace & they left within 1 hour.

It was around 5:30 in the evening & decided to settle down for some television movies as the food for night was already there. We were watching TV in my room & after dinner we continued viewing TV. Pritha didi was so much addicted to TV as they don’t get so much channel at there place. I asked her to get settle in my bed room for the night to watch TV. She made the bed for us & we were enjoying the movie. After the movie she went to washroom & came back for sleep. We lay next to each other. Suddenly while moving my hand touched her bare belly & she got tickle to her body, she jerked a bit & said, “stop that” & stated to laugh. I got a game & continued it for some times. During this we came close, hugged each other to stop each other, even she also tickled me some time & we was try tickling each other to various places like neck, armpit, toes etc. She took 1 of my hand & kept it under her neck & kept on her waist by locking it with he own hand. We started chatting in that position. We clamed down & talked on lot of topics. I hugged her & went too slept, she even hugged me slept.

Next day I came back from school around 1:30 pm & we had lunch together & we went to our room. We darkened the room & watched TV for some time & switched the TV off. The room was darkened as I always use to keep my windows closed & even she knew it. So we were going for sleep & this time she tickled me 1st. I pretended to be angry & ride on her belly, held both her hand to stop her. She was laughing & told me not to tickle her. I got lightened & tried to tickle her neck by my face & she was closing her shoulder & I was changing sides to get an open neck. During this my chest was rubbing against here & she was making some laugh mixed with light moans.

It seems she was reacting to the sensation in her absent-mind. I tried very hard to get an open neck & after several attempt I got even more desperate & rubbed down her blouse by my face & to my surprise it came down up to her armpit. I was tickling there but there was not enough laugh form her & so I took out my tongue & tried to tickle with it. I tried to insert my tongue in to her blouse from upper side. She got her self loose & hugged me while holding my hair with one hand. I was only tickling that time even. I didn’t have a clue what she was reacting to. Even I got laid on top of her from sitting position & her sari also came up to her thighs & our bare thighs mate each others. It was so nice to feel. I got hardened a long time back & I stopped. She realized it & got me loose. I lay beside her & said never fight with me again. She just laughed. We decided to sleep. I hugged her like that & I putted 1 of my leg on her still bare thigh. She even hugged me & we tried to sleep.

My hard cock was touching hers & I could feel her heavy & fast breathing. I lay there for 10 to 15 minutes like that & thought to have some more tickling fun. I called her but she was in sleep. I did shake her 2 to 3 times. She was like in deep sleep. I hugged her more closely. Took my mouth close to her ear & placed it on her face & called her name in whisper. She replied with a sleepy moan & hugged me closely by putting her face onto my bare chest & getting her bare thigh up rubbing mine. I held her with little tight & took a deep breath. We slept like that & my erection was feeling the warmth of her crotch. I went in deep sleep.

Pritha woke me up around 4:00 pm as seems nothing happened; she got dressed up & asked me to get ready as we r going out for some fresh air. We went to Park, took dinner out side & got back home around 10:00 in the night (I bought some condoms while we were waiting for the food after ordering). We enjoyed a lot out side while I was mocking some particular funny crowed. She changed in to her home cotton sari & we got ready for sleep. I switched the main lights off, turned on the night bulb & got laid besides her. I hugged her as it’s the way of our sleeping & she also did the same buried her face onto my chest. We were talking & laughing reminding each other the crowed & the faces I made. As usual I got hard.

In the process of her talking her soft & wet lips was rubbing on my chest, nipples & it made me horny like mad. I wish I could make love to her wildly. Suddenly within the space she changed her side by facing me her back. My hands rubbed through her breasts & I felt her hard nipples. My hand fallen to her bare belly & the other hand of mine was under her neck & was holding her hand now. I hugged her a bit tight & her ass was pressing against my hard cock. I rested my face on her neck & we were still talking.

Soon we got quite & it was time for sleep. I tightened my hand on her bare belly & she got more close to me by trying to come more backward & her ass was really pressing hard my erect cock & I was feeling it like haven. After some time I tried to push her ass with my cock & it felt like a sensation to die for. I again pushed & she even bent a bit to give me a good soft access to her fleshy ass. I continued it for more 10 to 12 times & stopped it. Now my heart wants more. I waited for a little & rubbed my hand smoothly from her bare belly to her soft boobs. She faced me again changing her side with a very low moan & hugged me with passion & started rubbing her face all over my chest. I kissed her forehead then her eyes & then getting down by her chicks to her lips.

I placed my lips softly on hers & gave a very affectionate kiss. I continue this for 3 to 4 time & then took her lower lips in my mouth & started to suck it lightly. She responded with a same gesture & we got involved into a very & wild French kiss. We kissed & continued rubbing each other with hands & legs. I pulled her sari up to her upper legs with my leg & it was soft & smooth like rose bud. I even removed her sari pall with my hands while kissing each other. She was now rubbing my butt & bare back with her hands. We were getting more excited by time & I ended up removing her blouse. I looked at her breasts with love & lust in my eyes. I started kissing her boobs leaving the nipples & licked and the nipples. She was trying to get her nipples in my mouth. I was teasing her like this & was enjoying the lust of a woman fully. After some time like this she got up & sat on the bed & removed her sari & other clothing quickly & got hold of my head by my hair.

She took one of her breast in her hand & guided it to my mouth. I too started to suck it like mad. She slowly got laid as the sucking was giving her sexual pleasure. I sucked both her boobs & was kissing them also in between. She was holding my hair tightly & was rubbing my back also. I started to move den with kisses & stated give more attention on her navel. I was sucking it in between & inserting my tongue some time while fondling her boobs (with my left hand) & cunt (with my right hand). She was bending like an arch some times in pleasure. I then made my progress towards her pussy & sniffed is with a deep inhale while rubbing my nose & lips softly. She was wet like anything & her musk make me hornier. She grabbed my head with both of her hand & made a bit loud moan. Suddenly in madness I took all her virginal area in my mouth & started to suck like mad.

She made a scream & pushed me away by saying i’ll die. She pushed me hard on bed & got me laid & she just threw my short in one pull. She now kissed & rubbed my dick area & took my dick in her mouth & started sucking. I understood why she pushed me while I was sucking her pussy. I felt irritated & pushed her away from my erect penis. She jumped back on me & started to suck my nipples one bye one. She hugged me tightly & rolled me over her. She spread her legs & grabbed me by my waist. I got my dick rubbed with her hot & wet cunt. It was feeling like haven. She raised her hip up a bit & held my penis with her hand & rubbed it twice over her pussy & then inserted it in her cunt. I gave a hard push & she grabbed me tightly with her hands & legs. I was feeling like mad horny person & was holding her with my hand tightly. We lay like that for some time & she got her legs loosens slowly.

After she rested her legs on bed I started to pump her slowly. She was even pushing her waist up with the rhythm. We moved fast as the time passed & was like wild animals. We were kissing & sucking each others neck, lips, and nipples in between. I was also pressing her boobs very softly as she asked me & then she asked me suck her left nipple as she was reaching for her orgasm. I sucked it for a long time & she suddenly held me again both with her legs & hands. She got my back so tightly that I was feeling that she had pushed some of her nails a little on my back. She asked me only to push as much as I can & hold it there like that for some time. She was over in 2 minutes & she gave me a very passionate kiss. I again started to pump her & came with in 5 minutes. I held her tightly & was sucking her boobs.

We lay there like that for some time & played with each other with kisses, sucking, fondling & pressing. We detached ourselves & got laid side by side hugging each other in passion. We enjoyed it 5 times that night. Next day we started our day at 2:00 pm as we slept in the early morning when birds started to sing. We really found each other full filling for our needs & even we had a relation which was not only bonded by sex, but by feelings towards each other. After one an half year she got a school teacher job in Pune & our relation left only with feelings. Now that her son had grown up & I even grown up we thought not to continue with the lust any more & we are like friends more than anything. Hope it’s a good experience for me & u all. Do reply with comments nathuramj@yahoo.co.in
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Feelings with lust for my cousion Sis
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